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I have worked with many outstanding practitioners since starting as a lawyer in 1989 at Minter Ellison, then moving to Andersen Legal, Clayton Utz and DibbsBarker. I am grateful for their leadership and the opportunities they provided me to collaborate.

I founded Paul Almond Employment Law in 2014 with the principal aim of giving to clients the greatest available direct access to senior level specialised experience. Fortuitously, my passion for employment law gained a great boost, too. I love practising employment law.

I am a member of the Employment Law Committee of the Law Society of NSW, participating in the legal profession's contribution to law reform and policy development.

Prior to starting out as a lawyer, I was Industrial Relations Officer for the Bread Manufacturers of NSW, working in industrial relations and member services on behalf of our members.

I studied Commerce/Industrial Relations/Law at UNSW. I was lectured by some of the great industrial relations academics of the time, including John Niland, Ed Davis and Braham Dabscheck. Also during that time, I became the first student member of the board of Industrial Relations Society of NSW, later becoming one of its legal representatives.

In addition to managing my legal practice, I support public education. I give my time as a board member of the Sydney High School Foundation, the Sydney High School Old Boys Union and Governors Centre Limited, organisations which help to support the Sydney High School community.

I am highly committed to personal fitness. You might see me one day swimming, riding or running in the City environs in preparation for my next Triathlon.

I hope to be in contact with you one day.

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