There are many content providers that may be accessed who will supply employers with templates for contracts, letters of offer of employment, policies, procedures, checklists, termination of employment letters, deeds of release and numerous others.

These can also be supplied by us, as either low-cost templates without modification or tailor-made for your organisation with additional cost.

We can establish a pricing model that best identifies the needs of your organisation and prioritise where best to allocate your budget.

Remember, every organisation is different, and your employment information and documents are part of the identity, branding, values and culture that you want to create.

And of course, there are legal issues.

For example: Let’s take Recruitment

There is an advertisement on a website, Linkedin or intranet.

Does this ad correctly represent the availability, nature, terms or conditions of employment so as not to breach the Australian Consumer Law?

Is it correctly targeted to who you want without being discriminatory?

Fifteen applicants send in their CV for one position. You already know that at least 14 will be rejected.

Have you issued a collection notice to each applicant and do you have an appropriate policy that complies with the Privacy Act to ensure that unsuccessful applicants are aware of how their personal information will be managed, corrected and accessed later by that applicant?

You want to offer the job.

Have all of the essential terms been agreed? Have you asked all the essential questions?

What documents do you issue and in what sequence if background screening is still required?

Do you issue an offer which is subject to issuing another document such as a proposed agreement or detailed letter of offer?

Do you need to issue with the offer any essential policies or the Code of Conduct?

Do you have a valid and enforceable contract when the applicant signs and returns the agreement but prior to work actually starting?

What implications does this have if you have provided confidential information or want to not proceed with the employment?

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