Executive Assist

Executive Assist

Leaving your job?
About to start a new one?
Or maybe you are having difficulties you need to address in your current job.

In most situations, senior employees can address their own issues and concerns. However a time may arrive when you will need a helping hand, to guide you or just to bounce off ideas. You won’t need a lawyer to take on an adversarial role on your behalf – you may just need someone that can advise you along the way, quietly in the background, to help you with your decision-making and to drive you to your desired outcome.

After many years of experience working in large legal firms, Paul Almond can provide the benefits of that experience directly to Executives and, at a reasonable fee.


We understand that a transparent, reasonable and predictable fee structure is important. Typically, we will establish a fee structure that is either fixed or based on an agreed budget under which you will obtain a certain level of service. Where a budget is set, it will be based on many years of experience about how much legal input a particular situation will likely require. However, you are ultimately in control of the maximum fee you will pay.

We also take payment by most credit cards if that suits your budgeting.

It is possible that your legal fees are tax deductible. However, you will need to obtain your own advice about this, as Paul Almond does not provide tax advice.

How do you get started?

Call, SMS or email Paul Almond providing basic information about your situation, without mentioning confidential details, and let him know who your employer or prospective employer is. If there is no conflict, then we can speak briefly to decide if we can address your issues and concerns. Paul will guide you from there!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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